Optimize Your EMF Health

with Cathy Cooke

Cathy's In-Depth Workshops

Fly Healthier & Feel Better

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to keep your body healthy and resilient while traveling - specifically airline travel.


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The Sleep Easy Method

EVERYTHING you need to know to start sleeping again.


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Mold Remediation Done Right

How to properly remediate mold, stop getting scammed by fly-by-night remediators, and what to do with your stuff.


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Cathy's Mini Courses

How to Hardwire Your Internet

The process of hardwiring your internet can seem complex and intimidating. That’s why our very own EMF Expert, Cathy Cooke, is here to help you learn how you can do this yourself.


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EMF Testing Crash Course

Learn the four main types of EMF, how to measure them, and how to protect yourself.


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Cathy's Whole Home & Body Bundle

Meet Your Instructor

Listen to Cathy Cooke on the Healthier Tech Podcast

Cathy Cooke has returned to our podcast for this episode to talk with us about the importance of sleep and her new Sleep Easy Course to help anyone get the perfect night’s sleep– all naturally.