Fly Healthier & Feel Better

EVERYTHING you need to know to keep your body healthy and resilient while traveling - specifically airline travel.

Do you love to travel, but hate how it makes you feel?

Do you want to visit your friends and family but loathe getting on a plane?

Do you want to be able to see the world, but without the pain, headaches, jet lag and misery?

Welcome to the Fly Healthier and Feel Better course from Healthier Tech Lifestyle®!

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Included with this Healthier Tech Lifestyle® Course:

  • 7 in-depth video-based training modules, created and taught by Cathy Cooke, Certified EMF Specialist, Certified Building Biologist, and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.
  • 1 full year of unlimited course access.
  • 30+ PDF guides, handouts, checklists for easy reference.
  • Plus bonus content including step-by-step instructions on how to test for EMF in your home, or at your destination.

PLUS as a special bonus, you'll get immediate access to Cathy's "EMF Crash Course" training, to teach you all the different types of EMF and how to measure them! 

What You'll Learn:

  • Designed with immediate action steps to mitigate the impact of travel right away, the ‘Fly Healthier and Feel Better’ course will help you feel your best, even while traveling!
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to prepare for your trip;
  • Detailed recommendations on supplements and EMF protection devices;
  • And more!

    If you’ve been wanting to reduce your EMF exposure but just don’t know where to start, this workshop is for you.

Customer Reviews

Mandee F.

I accepted a promotion at work which has me travelling a lot more between offices and sites. I actually really hate flying because of the anxiety it gives me but this course was suggested to me by a friend. I don't have anything to lose so I gave it a try. The modules were really helpful for me, and it helped me pin down causes of my anxiety and my migraines during flights. Highly recommend!

Tony G.

Gonna be lots of flying coming up for our family because of holidays, travelling to see our cousins and in laws and vacationing around this time too. I've always been really anxious about flying (though my wife isn't) and I've never really been able to understand why. The Fly Healthier course was really helpful for me in this regard and gave me some solutions and fixes to my issues. Appreciate the instructors!

Dalia P.

I'm usually not one for video modules and all that as it gets boring but Cathy Cooke was a great lecturer for this series! It didn't feel dull and I genuinely enjoyed the info being shared. The handouts and checklists are very helpful too, I have them saved on my phone for easy access. All in all I thought this was a great reference especially with the EMF-testing info on the fly. Thanks so much!

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