Healthy Breathing Habits

Breathwork is vital!

Breathwork is vital to wellbeing and health because it can help decrease stress, reduce anxiety, improve lung function, increase energy, enhance mental clarity, and so much more. It can also help regulate the body's autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for controlling our heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion.

By practicing breathwork, we learn to take deep breaths, which increase the amount of oxygen in our blood and trigger the release of endorphins, promoting relaxation.

This course focuses on converging the science and practicality of functional breathing and how to incorporate breathwork into our daily routine that leads to improved physical, mental, and emotional health.

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Included with this Healthier Tech Lifestyle® Course:

  • 8 in-depth video-based training modules, created and taught by Rita Savoia, Certified Nutritionist, Holistic Wellness Coach, Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, Meditation and Functional Breathing Coach.
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Who this Course is For: 

  • Anyone who is interested in accessing their body's innate intelligence to self-heal through the power of their own breath.
  • Anyone looking for proven ways to decrease anxiety and manage stress via a natural and holistic method.
  • Anyone who is interested in improving their physical and mental performance and energy via simple and practical breathing techniques.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn scientifically proven breathing exercises that will help you radically transform your mental, physical and emotional health.
  • Learn how to transform yours health and performance with the fundamentals of functional breathing and thrive as you age.
  • Learn what not to do and ensure that you’re avoiding the pitfalls of dysfunctional breathing.


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Customer Reviews

Chris Barth

I was fortunate enough to have a Breathwork experience with my coworkers.

Rita, created a safe space and lead us on a wonderful journey through breathing techniques and specific questions to help us tap into ourselves and completely relax.

I was able to look at a few things that were causing me stress. Then I was able to address them and let it go.

I would highly recommend Rita for Breathwork ans any other modality she offers. Thank you Rita🙏🏻🙏🏻

Kristen Morton

I am so grateful for my connection to Rita, her Breathwork experience is absolutely life changing amazing! As the Admin & Content Development Coordinator with Cam's Kids Foundation where we Support Young People Across Canada with Anxiety her Breathwork Experience was the absolute PERFECT fit for supporting these young people - especially during exam time! The university students that joined shared that this experience was incredible and Rita really taught us how to 'dance with our breath' which is HUGE for decreasing/supporting/coping with anxiety. We had an online experience over Zoom and I could not recommend more! We hope to do something in the near future (maybe in-person) with you Rita. Thank you for your amazing work!

-The Cam's Kids Foundation Team

Chris M.

Had an amazing experience during Rita's breathing session as part of a corporate off-site activity in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It was a very unique and fascinating experience that everyone got a lot out of. Something different and memorable that capped off the work function nicely. You are doing amazing work Rita!!! I would strongly recommend for anyone needing to make their work off-site meetings a lot more special!

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