Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience

Reach a new level of peace!

Are you ready to release stress, anxiety, blockages, repressed emotions, boost your creativity, focus and immune system with the power of your breath?

Follow along with certified expert, Rita Savoia, in this Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience that combines various elements like tribal music, 6 different types of breathing techniques, a guided 3-part meditation, integration song for a deeper state of self-awareness, release and renewal and an optional sharing circle.

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Included with this Healthier Tech Lifestyle® Course:

  • 1 hour guided Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience.
  • 1 full year of access

Who this Course is For:

  • Anyone who is ready for transformative physical, mental and emotional change.
  • Anyone who is ready to release stress, anxiety, blockages, repressed emotions and negative self-talk.
  • Anyone who is looking to boost their creativity, focus, and immune system.
  • Anyone who is looking to gain more clarity on a how to solve a problem or make a decision.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn how to bring awareness to the breath and access the transformative healing powers of your breath.
  • Learn how to use the breath to train yourself to interrupt unresourceful patterns, shift your attention, strengthening an intention, anchor yourself in a certain state.
  • Learn how to unlock your full potential feel more vibrant, alive and live your highest vibrating life.

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Customer Reviews

Karen Stephen

Rita has a way to create and hold a safe space during breathwork that to me is incredibly important. I was immediately comfortable which allowed me to go much deeper into my breath.

Her meditation that she guided us through after was incredible and touched me deeply. I would highly recommend all of her breathwork sessions as she makes the experience perfect.

Meghan Telpner

We had Rita host a breath work session online for my team and it was incredible. I personally had done guided breath work before, most on my  team had not. We all had an incredibly positive experience. My personal experience was unlike anything before. Rita is truly gifted at guiding both the breathing practice and the meditation, facilitating a clam and open energy. I can't recommend Rita more highly!

Jessica Piersol

Without any doubt, Rita is truly gifted. I am not an openly vulnerable person, especially in a work environment, but even at that, Rita was able to invoke emotional and physiological responses from me in her transformational breathe workshop she performed for our corporate team. Amazing work, and I would truly encourage you to engage with her if you want to take your search for contentment to the next level. I never knew breathing could be so hard, or so valuable in the way that Rita presented it. Incredible, Rita! ✨💕

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