Mastering Mindful Digital Habits

2 Weeks to Improve Your Digital Life

Digital habits and experiments play a crucial role in shaping our productivity and well-being in the digital era.

Our habits, both positive and negative, influence how we interact with technology. Engaging in digital experiments allows individuals and organizations to explore different approaches and tools to optimize their digital behaviors.


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  • 8 Modules of video training (48 minutes) from Rijul Arora, a Certified Digital Workplace and Wellness Educator
  • 1 full year of unlimited course access.

PLUS a special bonus ebook, "As Simple as 'ABCDE': 40+ Habits to Create a Healthier Digital Life".

You'll Learn:

In this workshop, Rijul will teach you all about his 'ABCDE' framework to implement changes in your digital habits.

He covers 14 of these habits for you to completely change your digital life in just 2 weeks!

The content in the course is backed by Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Habit formation techniques, and the leading research in this area.

With this knowledge, you will begin to see improved productivity and well-being, because you are in control of your digital devices instead of the other way around.


Customer Reviews

Michelle N.

I have enjoyed all of Rijul's courses. I really appreciate all the tangible resources and the amount of information packed into these courses. Super helpful!

Matt N.

Very practical habits to upgrade your Digital life!

Apurba K.

I really like the course! The approach to the subject, tempo if the course and the content is really good.

Meet Your Instructor

A Certified Digital Workplace & Wellness Educator, Rijul’s vision is to enable people to lead a healthy relationship with technology.

He's a millennial who’s been on both sides of technology & social media distraction. He's been completely distracted by technology, left it completely, and has now found a way to maintain a healthy relationship.

And now he works tirelessly to to spread this message of a healthy relationship with technology through more than 150 global & local platforms like TEDx, International Summits, Podcasts & leading corporates, colleges, and schools across the world.

He's also been featured among the top 28 Digital Wellness Thought Leaders in the World by Bagby 2022 Digital Wellness Collaborative Report. And media houses like YES Magazine, Dainik Bhaskar, Digital Wellness Lab, and ETV Bharat have featured his work.

He's a Microsoft Digital Workplace Expert & has worked with corporate giants like EY, PwC & IBM.


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