Positive Digital Culture Unleashed

Thriving in an Always On and Constantly Distracted World

Struggling with Tech Fatigue?

Unable to maintain boundaries with technology during family time?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by emails, video calls, screens and constant connectivity, both at work and beyond?

If the digital hustle is leaving you drained, and if you sense a collective addiction to technology that's affecting us as a society, then you're not alone.

Our goal is to empower you to reshape your relationship with technology and build a positive digital culture not just for yourself, but for your family, workplace, and society at large.

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  • 6 Modules of video training (2 hours and 44 minutes) from Rijul Arora, a Certified Digital Workplace and Wellness Educator
  • 1 full year of unlimited course access.

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You'll Learn:

In order to thrive in our Digital Culture, it is important to understand what Digital Culture actually is.

This course does that –– and gives you 15 actionable solutions to build a healthier relationship with digital culture and technology.


This Course Covers:

  • The Basics of Digital Culture
  • Trends in Digital Culture
  • The psychology behind why our society and corporates have a negative Digital Culture
  • The science behind why we need a positive Digital Culture
  • 5 individual solutions to lead a healthy relationship with technology
  • 10 Solutions for managing distractions from corporate tools like Google and Microsoft Suite
  • Solutions to help organizations establish a positive Digital Culture
  • Societal solutions for a positive Digital Culture

Customer Reviews

Matt N.

Fantastic course if you want to adopt a Digitally Well culture in your life and with people/society around you!

A K.

The course is not just an excellent reminder and mirror reflecting the state of digital culture wellness topic, but also covers several interesting tools and tactics to improve the situation. I really liked the curation of engaging content that conveys the key messages. Definitely, a topic worth discussing and promoting. Very good job!

Michelle N.

The course offers so many tools and resources that promote digital wellness. In addition, the videos in the course really added to the content and were very engaging.

Meet Your Instructor

A Certified Digital Workplace & Wellness Educator, Rijul’s vision is to enable people to lead a healthy relationship with technology.

He's a millennial who’s been on both sides of technology & social media distraction. He's been completely distracted by technology, left it completely, and has now found a way to maintain a healthy relationship.

And now he works tirelessly to to spread this message of a healthy relationship with technology through more than 150 global & local platforms like TEDx, International Summits, Podcasts & leading corporates, colleges, and schools across the world.

He's also been featured among the top 28 Digital Wellness Thought Leaders in the World by Bagby 2022 Digital Wellness Collaborative Report. And media houses like YES Magazine, Dainik Bhaskar, Digital Wellness Lab, and ETV Bharat have featured his work.

He's a Microsoft Digital Workplace Expert & has worked with corporate giants like EY, PwC & IBM.


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